About us

What is a Men’s Shed?

A Man’s shed has, for generations, been a place for him to escape the stress and strains of life; a safe haven to gain much needed sanity; to be surrounded by his own, useful things; a place to think, to make things, to mend things, to invent and be at one with the world…..and men the world over have done this largely on their own.

There is now a new way for men to pursue their interests, develop new ones, belong to a unique group, feel useful, fulfilled and a sense of belonging….The Men’s Sheds movement has arrived in Llandudno.

After a life time of work and service many people feel they are then thrown on to the scrapheap of society, no longer an asset but a burden. We know that everyone has something to offer, no matter their age education or status.

We feel that society is wasting a very valuable resource and even worse, hurting and abusing that very resource by leaving people to suffer isolation and loneliness resulting in physical and mental ill health.

At Men’s Shed Llandudno there is no distinction between those that help and those that are helped. By joining you can make a difference to yourself and to others.

A shared place free from stress and loneliness.

A safe place with understanding friends.

A place to just sit for a chat and a cuppa.

We are an eclectic group of men and women from various backgrounds with different skills and stories to tell.

Whatever your age, interests, skills or background we have space for you in Men’s Shed Llandudno.

Ages from 18 to Methuselah
Any gender or trans-gender
Any race creed or colour
Any believe or status.

And if you do not fit into any of the above we are looking to work alongside youth groups and children accompanied by parents.

Come along and meet your new friends.