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Asda Llandudno

The Green Token Giving scheme is now up and running at Asda Llandudno branch and we are in it. So please help Men’s Shed Llandudno by collecting Green Tokens every time you shop at Asda and putting them in the Men’s Shed slot. If we win the award and the money will mean such a great deal to us.

From the Asda Foundation Website.

Each year we invest over £1.4 million in over 4,000 good causes through our Green Token Giving Programme, giving back to organisations in your local area.

It’s important that we support the right people, and who better to choose local causes than the people who live in the area around our stores?

So join us in giving back, and use your green token every time you shop.

AGM 2018

Notice of the AGM on 17/04/2018 to be held at 2:00 pm Cysgod Y Gogarth 


  1. Ratification of 2017 AGM Minutes
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Election of Officers
  6. Frequency of Committee Meetings
  7. Spending Plans
  8. Any Other Business

Shed extended

After a successful application to Cartrefi Conwy we now have some money to extend the shed at Llandudno Football Ground.

As you can see everyone worked really hard.

So we or is that I, started with a bare patch of ground at one end of the existing shed.
I then set about preparing a base with some 4 x 4 skids.

With the base down, level and square walls were needed.

And what goes on walls? A roof. Try putting up a ridge board and spars on your own.

Roof strengthened and ready for that window which has been lurking around in shot.

Now we can see the shed starting to look like it is extended.

Next I wanted to add boards to the roof. More useful help to add scale.

No actually they worked really hard. Next was to clad the outside, very monotonous job but starts to show the way.

And the final bit.Oh what a wonderful shed. Now we need some good weather to finish sealing the roof. And then insulate the inside and move in.

Now that’s a shed.

Electronics Lab

Over the weeks we have been putting together an electronics lab which is a section of the main shed at the football club.

It started with a partition wall using the original roofing sheets supplied with the shed. George brought in some old kitchen cupboards and then we began kitting it out.




We now have our own oscilloscope, bench power supply, waveform generator, component checker, raspberry pie, arduino and a host of components.

Next we decided to power the lab section with solar power, which is working out just great, with no noisy generator pounding in our heads while we try to think.





Doris did us

After we thought we had completed the shed along came storm Doris and ripped the felt off the roof causing it to leak and weaken the roof boards and smashed some windows.

So what we did, by we, I mean George and I, took off the old boards and strengthened the roof by putting up extra spars and supports.

Doris also damaged the football grounds cycle shed so we were able to use some of their plastic to replace the windows. We got new boards for the roof and we extended them out the back to make the wood store.

It sounds easy but I assure you it was not.

The next step is to create the electronics and physical computing area. There will be more to come on this.

Equipping the shed.

Now we have the shed build we need to fit it out with tools and equipment. So the first thing we needed was a bench. With reclaimed timber and some left over floor panels this was an easy project.

The rest was just putting up shelves and placing the tools. And there you have it a fully functioning workshop.

1st purpose built shed

Llandudno Football Club have very generously allowed us to use some of their land to erect up to two 20′ by 10′ sheds.

We have been very busy building the first shed there, work-parties are encouraged to attend and help, Thursdays seem to be a good day.

  1. Setting out the base was the hardest part and the least well attended work group. It was initially felt that we could just support the base on blocks. However, the base was so flimsy that is needed to be supported along the full width and length so the ground needed to be prepared for a gravel base to lay the boards down.
  2. Placing the floor and erecting the walls was a very hectic session. After laying the base we screwed a 3″ x 2″ sole plate all around to add stability, this would later form part of a second floor. It was at this point that we discovered the shed was not 20′ x 10′ but 18′ 4″ x 8′ 10″ There was some extra assembly needed to the wall panels which were then screwed together.
  3. Assembling the roof trusses was interesting but we got it right on the second attempt.
  4. Laying the roof panels highlighted the slight imperfections in our work, but they are on now with just a bit of fettling to be done. Update, the roof panels were taken off and refitted???

5. Windows and doors were fitted next. This made for a pleasant morning for one person.

6. After some repair-work and fettling following the refitting of the roof panels. Felting the roof is the next step.

7. Felting complete

8. New inner floor completed.

This will be the ‘Dirty Shed’ used for woodworking projects. The second shed on this site, the ‘Clean Shed’ will be purchased soon but it will not be from the same supplier. The Clean shed will be used for electronics and computing.

New meeting place

After a very positive meeting with Kelly Williams of Cartrefi Conwy we have secured a meeting room for weekly social meetings at Cysgod Y Gogarth, at the corner Trinity Avenue and St Andrews Avenue, Llandudno. This is being funded by Time Bank hours.meetingroom