Backs against the wall

This project was to stop the howling wind and rain coming in from the back of the shed. The back of the shed was another roller-shutter door that had come of its tracks and was leaving us exposed to the elements again. We consider several options, the main one was to build a stud wall in font of the shutter similar to the way we dealt with the front of the shed see here However it was felt that it would be subject to vandalism so it was thought ‘lets build it on the inside’. The problem with this was that there would still be rain blown in from the sides and would damage the rockwool insulation. The solution was clear when we found some old linoleum which we cut into strips an tacked this up over the gaps and then we could safely add the insulation.

DSC00454  DSC00455Making sure I get Mike’s best side. By the way Mike spirit-levels do not work well when all you do is lean it against the wall.

We then just needed to clad it using the reclaimed feather edge board and now nice and cosy.


I am not sure how Mike gets in all the photos.

Written by Keith Hirst

Keith Hirst

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