Volunteer/Member of Men’s Shed Llandudno

You do not stop because you get old. You get old because you stop. 

By helping others you help yourself

In the hundred-thousand years of human existence before men were reduced to civilians in mega-cultures, we lived in traditional groups of 18 to 36 people. Within that group half were women and a third were children. The remaining six to twelve were men. They gathered in the Men’s Hut. It is in our genetic code to seek the hut, the place where we are free from our societal roles, where we can share our lives and be witnesses to our brothers. It is where our stories are told and where we find rest, support and kinship. Joining a Men’s Shed can return you to the hut. It’s been many generations since most men have been there, but it will take you and your brothers back to a seat at the ancient circle of men.

If I become a volunteer what will be expected of me?

  1. You will be expected to share your stories, your experience with other volunteers in the shed.
  2. If you are active you can choose to help out with maintenance of the shed and the football ground. Or you can teach others or learn from others. The choice is yours.
  3. If you are not active then by all means sit and talk, this is very valuable work.

What facilities are there at the shed?

The shed is divided into three distinct areas.

  1. Coffee and biscuits. This is the most important part of the shed where you can enjoy socialising with other volunteers and of course putting the world to right.
  2. Woodwork. Here you will find many hand-tools, power-tools and equipment to help you create and make simple wooden projects.
  3. Electronics and computing. We have equipment and components for hobby electronics with an emphasis on physical computing, ie Arduino and Raspberry Pi.