Physical Computing Project

The aim of this project is to assist, share, learn, teach. Open up to the fascinating world of physical computing.

So what is physical computing? Physical computing, in the broadest sense, means building interactive physical systems by the use of software and hardware that can sense and respond to the analog world. In practical use, the term most often describes handmade art, design or DIY hobby projects that use sensors and micro-controllers to translate analog input to a software system, and/or control electro-mechanical devices such as motors, servos, lighting or other hardware.

Prototyping will be the beginning using the Arduino micro-controller connected to a computer this combines the two practical disciplines of electronics and programming. But it is not hard to learn you can start with a simple blinking LED and move on to a bone crushing robot.Arduino1Blinkarduino2Asus-Arduino


You can of course create practical things to control and protect your home, build a lie detector, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, which will soon start to soar.

Does this look like fun to you?

Well there is more.

  • Want to learn/teach how to code games
  • Want to learn/teach how to repair or upgrade your computer
  • Want to learn/teach how to build websites
  • Want to learn/teach electronics.
  • Want to explore the possibilities of Open Source


Written by Keith Hirst

Keith Hirst

Website Development, Raspberry Pi enthusiast and all round fun guy.