Project Wall

Initially our Ty Hapus Shed was a large garage with a roller shutter at each end, which was DSC00426nice and secure but when we were inside, the roller shutter had to be up leaving us exposed to the elements so it was proposed that we build a wall just behind the front shutter which would act as a barrier to the wind and rain and still allow easy access, the shutter could still be closed at night for security.

So we needed a stud wall with a door and a window. One of out members, Carol had an old window at home so that was the window sorted. Jewson very kindly donated some 3 x 2 cls, so all we needed now was the door some other sizes of timber for framing and such and cladding.

What we had was some pallets and some recycled fence panels. The pallets were takenrecycle apart and the fence panels were striped for their feather edge board.  Now all we needed was people to do the work. Luckily Mike and Keith stepped up to the challenge and work was begun.

One of the fence panels was chosen to be used as a door, so with timber from the pallets a door frame was made. This was stood in place and the 3 x 2 studding was built around it while leaving space for our donated window frame.DSC00434

This made a great start next came the cladding and this was to be the feather edge board taken from the other fence panels. This was a bit laborious but determination won the day as each piece was measured, cut and nailed in place. Layer by layer it was built up

Still Mike had his priorities right, sorry Keith we only had one teabag.

DSC00437DSC00438While Keith worked on

On a rainy day the outside of the wall was finished, looks good doesn’t it.

DSC00442Which left the inside but that will be for another day and the door could probably do with a handle.DSC00445




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