To Do List

In no particular order.

Complete as you wish or request to help.

  • Move shelf in brewing area to woodwork area.
  • Construct platform for Inverter and Battery.
  • Construct or acquire a desk for Art and Craft fit next to brewing area.
  • Construct and fit panel to fit between Shed and Gate.
  • Construct and fit panel and gate to rear of shed.
  • De-construct pallets for reusable wood.
  • Repair leaks in roof.
  • Repaint shed externally.
  • Design, construct tool storage using French Cleat system.
  • Design, construct shed/cover for tractor (this for the football club).
  • Fix vice to bench with coach screws.
  • Fix grinder to bench with coach screws.
  • Fit security screws to door hinges.
  • Fit extra solar panel to roof.